14. sij 2009.

CRIMINAL SEX (Oldschool Uk Band)

It all started back in February 1983 when 4 scruffy cunts from Chesterfield, Derbyshire decided to get together and start having sex with their guitars and amplifiers. Then out popped Criminal Sex. The original members were Bernie Guitar, Noz Drums, Pez Vocals and Sime Bass. We all came from different bands and any old fuckers out there might remember The Chaos Bros and The Corpse. We released our first 4 track Criminal Sex E.P in 1985 which included Prostitute, Gangsters, Steal Ya Car and Criminal Sex. In 1987 our second release was a shared E.P. called Bloodsuckers with one track from us called Ronald Reagan. In the past we played all over the uk with bands such as the Septic Psychos, Mau Maus, Screaming Lord Sutch, Concrete Sox, Avoid, Scumdribblers, Sick Boy Federation, Zodiac Mindwarp, Pulp and the Test Tube Babies. After the release of the Bloodsucker E.P. we were offered a tour of the Netherlands with 10 gigs but due to our fucked up, pissed up ways we ended up playing just 4 of the gigs and being banned from the rest. Wankers. Them not us. After that we split in 1987 after four and a half years of anarchy, chaos and piles. Now after 20 years of sitting in the pub, wanking and eating veggie burgers were back, gigging and just recorded a new 14 track cd. In 2007 Noz the original drummer left and will very soon to be replaced so that we can get back to playing some smutty sounds.



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