14. sij 2009.

CRIMINAL SEX (Oldschool Uk Band)

It all started back in February 1983 when 4 scruffy cunts from Chesterfield, Derbyshire decided to get together and start having sex with their guitars and amplifiers. Then out popped Criminal Sex. The original members were Bernie Guitar, Noz Drums, Pez Vocals and Sime Bass. We all came from different bands and any old fuckers out there might remember The Chaos Bros and The Corpse. We released our first 4 track Criminal Sex E.P in 1985 which included Prostitute, Gangsters, Steal Ya Car and Criminal Sex. In 1987 our second release was a shared E.P. called Bloodsuckers with one track from us called Ronald Reagan. In the past we played all over the uk with bands such as the Septic Psychos, Mau Maus, Screaming Lord Sutch, Concrete Sox, Avoid, Scumdribblers, Sick Boy Federation, Zodiac Mindwarp, Pulp and the Test Tube Babies. After the release of the Bloodsucker E.P. we were offered a tour of the Netherlands with 10 gigs but due to our fucked up, pissed up ways we ended up playing just 4 of the gigs and being banned from the rest. Wankers. Them not us. After that we split in 1987 after four and a half years of anarchy, chaos and piles. Now after 20 years of sitting in the pub, wanking and eating veggie burgers were back, gigging and just recorded a new 14 track cd. In 2007 Noz the original drummer left and will very soon to be replaced so that we can get back to playing some smutty sounds.




Napokon nakon 2 mjeseca čekanja konačno je stigao, interview sa Fotisom iz Bootstrokea. Uživajte:

Q: Hi! Can you give me a short brief about yourself,name,age,work, how long have you been inside skinhead scene?

Hi there,my name is Fotis and i m 26 years old.Right now i work in a backline services company.I m in the scene for around 10 years and i play in the band called BOOTSTROKE.

Q: For those who don't know, what kind of a band is Bootstroke and how long have you been playing? How many gigs have you guys had until now?What's the band's story, how did you even decide to make a band?

BOOTSTROKE is a skinhead band playing music for football,the working class and daily issues that concern most of us.The band exists from 2000. We have made around 60 gigs in Greece mostly but some in Europe too. We ve played in Germany,U.K,Austria,Italy and France.Well the band started cause there were no other skinhead bands at that time,so it was kind of a need to say some things through music. We ve been all playing in punk bands,we ve been friends and all had a good relation with music so making BOOTSTROKE was a thing to come.

Q: What's the oi! scene like in Greece and have you had any trouble with nazis?

The scene is small and it there arent many bands etc.Theres our crew S.U.C(skinhead.unity.crew)that organises many bands to play in Athens and organises some events like partys in pubs so thats a big help for the scene to become bigger. No need to mention anything about nazis here.They re like ghosts...

Q: Your songs often contain sounds from the football matches or they are about football,so are you guys football fans and what club do you support? Here in Croatia many of supporters are fascists especially in my local club Dinamo Zagreb, so supporting here got a lot of political background, what's the story like in Greece?

Yes most of our songs are football related cause we love football. We support A.E.K. black and yellow. In our team there arent any organised right wing fans,only individuals.A.E.K people have a reputation of being left,anarchists and antifa.There are other teams and groups of fans with strictly political character.I believe that the last 5 years politics have entered in stadiums of greece and that really sucks.(there were some incidents in the past though)People care to show their political identity thant to help their team win.

Q: Oi! bands often have English lyrics eventhough they are not from England. How come you decided to sing in Greek?

Thats easy. We re greeks. so simple!We want to be understood by our people first and then by people outside greece. We have recorded some english songs too but we prefer greek lyrics.

Q: Which bands influenced you the most?

Well each one of us has diferent hearings from the first Oi! breed bands and early punk rock bands untill old school hardcore bands. We get ideas from everything we hear. That helps us to make our own sound. No point to mention bands.

Q: Have you heard of any Croatian bands or have you ever been to Croatia?

Unfortunately no.But we d love to come for a gig and taste your beers!!!

Q: Are you planing any tours to Europe soon? Any gigs anywhere near Croatia? How long could we wait for your next cd?

Well we re waiting for people to invite us to their country so if no one wants that we ll stay in Greece. We dont have a label or someone who organises these things,we make all byourselfes.Many people though show us support from the Balkans and countrys near Croatia. We have released our new cd through internet and everybody can download it for free.There are new songs in the studio and i hope in some months we ll be ready to release the third album.

Q: Can you recommend any Greek bands or any new oi bands?

Sure.Ntelirio,Soberphobia,Bad movies,Hat trick,Skin disease.

Q: Any last words for the readers?

Thanx for your support and hope to play in your country soon!!

Cheers all the way from Athens!

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