14. lis 2010.


Najnoviji oi! bend iz Zagreba, nastao 2009. Stvaraju odličnu muziku, toplo preporučam.

Info o bendu (myspace):

We started having rehearsals about a year ago. We knew each other before we became a band , and, since we are all friends we also have the same way of life (Skinheads). So naturally, one day somewhere in january in 2008. we decided to form an Oi! Band. Partly beacuse we were angry at the almost non existend scene with very few or none Oi! Bands around, but with a growing crowd of skins and punks, and partly offcourse for the love of Oi! Music and lifestyle. The name Oi! Front came as a sugestion from one friend..we liked it..it`s short, sharp and right on the point. The line-up is the same from day one with Butko on vocals, Pivan on guitars and back vocs, Cota on bass and back vocs and Stef on drums and back vocs. All of the band members had previous experience with other bands so we all came together quite easily and the songs almost came by theirselves. Not long ago from the first rehearsal (About 2 months) came the first gig in a local club where we performed 7 of our original songs and a few cover songs from various Oi! Artists like the 4 skins, The Oppressed, Condemned 84, Last resort, Evil conduct etc..(these and many other excellent Oi! And Punk bands from arround the world influenced the life of the band members and therefore our music also). The show-up and the positive reactions of many guests gave us the will and strength to keep on doing our stuff...and we did. By now we have 12 original songs and still making more. When it comes to the lyrics, our songs talk about life as it is (tales from the streets, from the jobs..)..all from our own experiences..positive or negative, leaving out all kinds of politics cause you know how it`s said : politics just fucks you up, and most important, honest and from our hearts for all those bootboys and bootgirls out there. We had about a dozen gigs in Zagreb and other citys in Croatia performing alongside bands like Gavroche and Bull Brigade from italy,Lles ejectes (SKA) from france, with various local and foreign punk, psychobilly and Oi! Bands, also done some benefit concerts aswell, altough maybe the most significant and important one would be playing with Deadline and The Business. By the time you are reading this we are in the process of making some recordings of our songs. Will it be a demo or a first full length album is yet to be seen, but definetly soon we hope. So that would be all from us, big thanks to all our fans that were with us from the begining and still are and to all to become fans! Cheers and keep the faith!


1. Intro
2. Election day
3. Hated
4. Loyalty and pride
5. Music from the streets
6. My will
7. Still the same
8. Sirens
9. Skinhead
10. Spirit
11. Stand up
12. Way of life
13. We can win
14. Bootboys

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excellent blog, are you interested in latin oi?? if you do, then tell me and i´ll upload it on my blog


or haster_ndk_zn_276@hotmail.com

Ruptura kaže...

saludos desde chile compadres :)

conocen curasbun? una banda chilena, recomendadisima si les gusta el oi!