24. ruj 2011.


Ovaj Londonski bend osnovan je 2008. i nedavano su izdali drugi album ("Trouble Free"). Odlicna glazba, odlicni tekstovi, bez politike. Uzivajte.

This London band is formed in 2008 and recently they released 2nd album ("Trouble Free"). Great music, great lyrics, no politics. Enjoy.

Always On The Wrong Side
1. We Don't Wanna Change The World
2. Working Class Hero
3. Cause We're Skinheads
4. Antisong
5. Ugly Faces
6. Always On The Wrong Side
7. London
8. We Don't Fight
9. Joe Hawkins

Trouble Free
1. Our Passion
2. Always Left Behind
3. Trouble Free
4. Cyber Warrior
5. Never Returned
6. Come On You Irons
7. Payday
8. Until The End
9. Hooligan
10. Weekend In Kalskron
11. Plastic Skinhead
12. My Girl
13. We Are The Boys
14. Swinging Hammers
15. Alex Go
16. Online Generation

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